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Who Should Be Involved in the Process of Buying or Selling a Business?

You will need knowledgeable professionals aware of your special requirements. Utilizing an M&A Advisor, such as FBA, a business attorney, and CPA, who “know the ropes”, will save you from making costly mistakes and wasting time. A seasoned broker will help you assemble a talented team and guide you appropriately.

What Role Will FBA Play in the Process of Buying or Selling a Business?

First Boca Associates will act as your representative advocating for you and your best interests. We will help your company achieve a premium market valuation, while saving you a lot of legwork and endless calls by allowing you to concentrate on your core business. As your representative, we will have an intimate knowledge of your specific requirements and can remain on the lookout for the ideal buyer.

Will FBA Take Care of the M&A Contract Process?

Business acquisition contracts can be very intricate, and it takes years of practical experience and an ongoing education to properly negotiate them. As an M&A specialist, First Boca Associates is well aware of contract complexities and is uniquely qualified to address them. You will be provided with a non-exclusive agreement, which will allow you the freedom to search for a buyer independently, at your discretion.

What Additional Added Value do I Receive by Working with FBA?

There are many other valuable insights to be gained from working with FBA, such as market trends, personal contacts, broker-to-broker industry knowledge, etc. We will be an invaluable business asset and a priceless source of advice. We can help guide you to assemble the Due Diligence that each buyer may require and assist in the creation of an Executive Summary and/or Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that the majority of buyers will want to review.

How are FBA’s M&A Advisor Services Priced?

Like other M&A brokers, First Boca Associates works on a “success fee only” basis and devotes many hours and serious effort to providing you with customized services. FBA only earns a “success” fee if you accept funds from an investor we introduce.

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