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First Boca Associates, Inc.

First Boca Associates, Inc. (FBA) is a mid-market merger and acquisition niche specialist. FBA maintains relationships with a global network of well funded buyers and investors primarily focused on the acquisition, merger, or recapitialization of all or part of mid-market, US based companies (revenue over $10 million or EBITDA over $2 million).

FBA has spent the past 20 years establishing relationships with a broad spectrum of qualified investors, including private equity and institutional funds, strategic investors and family offices. We are in active daily communication with buyers regarding their target investment criteria. Through our global network of investors, we can bring you confidential inquiries from those that see investing in, or with, your company as a mutually advantageous deployment of their capital.

FBA has been continuously involved, since 1994, in consulting engagements with a U.S. and international client base that focuses on M&A, strategic planning, marketing opportunities, capital formation, and private to public market transitions.


President of First Boca Associates, Inc. Facilitating M&A and financial transactions for clients and investors ranging from privately held to NYSE. FBA has successfully closed transactions for clients in amounts significantly exceeding $100 million.

Clients benefit from Mr. Weinberg’s exceptional experience and extensive high-level connections that leverage years of transactional experience for his own national award-winning business interests.

Mr. Weinberg serves as a business advisor specializing in mid-market business M&A transactions, corporate and project finance, major real estate sales and advising growth companies with market leading or disruptive technologies. First Boca Associates, Inc. has been established for over 20 years as a national award winning advisory firm with a flawless regulatory record and outstanding client relationships.

  • Alan Stein
    Alan Stein President, Naples, FL

    (678) 710-5910

Education and Affiliations: BBA and MBA Degrees in Finance from the University of Miami (FL), past City Commissioner (Parkland, FL), past Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), past resident FL insurance licensee and non-resident licensee in over 40 states, active RE Broker licenses in FL and GA.

Entrepreneur: Founder and owner of Nationwide Club Administrators, Insurance Strategies, ASI Agency, and Strategic Marketing Associates, Inc. – Developed new products, created new markets and managed nationwide sales and distribution. Insurance company experience developing products, contracts and administrative procedures for American Bankers Insurance Group (FL). Initiated and participated in asset sales between companies, agencies and individual agents. As a city commissioner, helped negotiate land sales and community development at the corporate and city level.

  • Leo Mueller
    Leo Mueller Business Development Manager

    (561) 286-2929

Software Industry Executive with a client list including Disney, AT&T, BMW, CBRE, Intel, and several successful internet startups. Successfully managed an eight-month project in 1999 that resulted in increasing the client’s market cap, from $800 million to $2.8 billion, after which they were acquired by Akamai.

Responsible for the development of a leading medical practice management software, built a logistics company that was focused on opportunities in the oil industry (with equipment in North Dakota, Texas and Oklahoma), launched a CA brokerage business and quickly established it as a leading brokerage for the market niches it targeted, and now working with FBA to enhance its buy/sell services to expedite the customized identification of targeted businesses and contacts.

As the Business Development Manager, I support the data management programs that expedite the proprietary and confidential target marketing across the substantial number of buyers and sellers, known to FBA, to facilitate well-matched transactions.

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